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David A. McGuire, M.D.

Dr. McGuire has a special interest in cartilage regeneration with cell therapy.
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Kris Kile, R.N. FNP-C, ANP

  • Chronic Injury Treatment
  • Health & Disease Management
  • Sports Injuries
  • Adult Medicine & the Ageing Athlete
Ms. Kile is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with interests in Sports Injuries and Health Management.
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About Alaska Orthopaedics and Primary Care

Our clinic was founded in 1977 and presently provides orthopaedic and primary care services. Orthopaedics is the branch of medicine that involves the treatment of musculoskeletal system injuries and illnesses. Dr. McGuires private orthopedic practice specializes in knee and arthroscopic surgery and has served the residents of Anchorage and rural Alaska for over 30 years.

Our clinic also provides primary care services. A primary care provider is typically the initial point of contact in a health care system for patients with new needs and problems, and coordinates other specialists these patients may require. Primary care is provided by a medical professional who may be a general practitioner, a nurse practitioner, a nurse, or a physician assistant. Our primary care provider is Kris Kile RN FNP-C. We are the first practice in Anchorage to offer a primary care provider in the orthopedic specialty. This provides coordination of services for orthopedic injuries and/or illnesses, injuries, or medical conditions of all types.

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